“What determines how much time to book?”
Well, it typically depends on these main factors:
- How many pages you have to tape
- How many takes you have to submit for each scene
- How prepared you are
- What your process is*

*Some actors prefer lots of repetition to eventually arrive at the take they’re happy with; while other actors prefer to come in with a set plan, simply do one or two takes and be done with it. Everyone’s different.

Importing the video files + editing + uploading takes a little time (typically an additional 10-20 minutes), depending on the length of each scene and whether they’re all labeled and sent separately or as one file. Casting instructions vary audition to audition.

“What if I need more time? Can we extend the session if I need to?”
Most of the time, yes. We rarely schedule back-to-back sessions with no time in between. So…more often than not, we’ll be able to extend your session. This is not guaranteed, though.

”Is a reader provided?”
Yes, Paul will read with you; but you’re more than welcome to bring your own reader. If you prefer a female reader*, we’ll do our very best to find someone who’s available for your session. *(When we’re done taping, please pay her directly via CASH, Venmo or PayPal @ $25 per hour.)

Do you have a teleprompter?”
No, sorry - we do not have a teleprompter. But we can place cue cards next to the camera, if needed. Actors do it all the time here and it works great.

”What if I don’t have to tape but I just want to rehearse on-camera for a really important audition?”
Absolutely. Some actors have been doing this lately for big auditions, with great success - as they feel they’re that much more comfortable, confident and ready for their audition in the room.

”Why do I need to pay in advance? Can’t I just pay after we’re done?”
Throughout the week, there are often many requests to book a session, so your payment simply reserves your time slot.
Without this pre-payment, we cannot guarantee that the time slot you want will be available for you.

”Do you give discounts?”
Yes, but not for single sessions. Discounts apply only when you buy in bulk…
Purchase 10 hours in advance for $450 and save $200. Buy HERE.
Purchase 5 hours in advance for $255 and save $70. Buy HERE.

”How long will it take to send me the audition?”

It is our preference that each session is 100% complete before you leave.
As soon as we’re done taping, we’ll edit and send your files immediately, while you wait.

”I have an audition for a musical. Can you also record songs?”
Unfortunately not. Sorry. Dialogue only. If you have to sing a quiet song within a scene, no problem.

”Can you edit reels and clips to upload to actors access, Backstage, Casting Networks, Cast It Talent?”
Yes, we do this as well.
You can also see some demo reels we’ve edited on this page.